Wie A-STAR Ihrem Unternehmen zugute kommen kann

Das Service Takeover and Refresh-Programm von Apogee, auch bekannt als A-STAR, ermöglicht es Unternehmen, sowohl die Support- als auch die Serviceaspekte ihrer gesamten Druck- und Dokumententechnologie über einen Managed Service Provider zu konsolidieren.

A Managed Print Service will keep your employee's productive and eliminate unnecessary costs

Apogee's Service Takeover and Refresh programme, also known as A-STAR enables organisations to consolidate both the support and service aspects from all of their print and document technology through one managed service provider.

Over the years, many organisations accumulate office equipment as they grow and acquire other companies. Inevitably you end up with multiple suppliers for your print and document hardware, servicing and consumables with a variety of different devices which tend to be across different service agreements and warranties with some devices not on any type of service and support agreement at all.

This somewhat disjointed set-up can leave organisations exposed to uncontrolled or excessive costs, increased downtime, and in-house staff trying to support your devices with failure being a potential risk. With many organisations beginning their return back into the office, it is prime time to think about collaborating all of your existing technology and service agreements into one seamless managed service.

Service Takeover services can improve your employee productivity and enhance your document efficiency

So, is it time to consider streamlining your service provider? Are you confident and satisfied with the service you are currently receiving? Given our own MPS story and background, we understand the difficulties that come with acquiring different shapes and sizes of software and technology. In turn, comes a challenging nature within managing and overseeing multiple different service and support agreements, and that’s where A-STAR comes in.

A-STAR will provide a seamless transition so you can keep and continue to use the equipment you already have within your organisation. Through our A-STAR programme, Apogee can effectively takeover the servicing and support of your equipment to optimise its performance, with defined service levels as part of a managed print service.

Apogee can provide the entire service requirements of your currently installed devices, no matter how diverse the mix of brands you may have. The primary objective is to keep your business running with minimal interruption as we assume responsibility for our client’s infrastructure.

Once transitioned, Apogee’s managed print services will optimise the performance of your technology, and through this the productivity of your staff and processes.

Our unique combination of pro-active monitoring, pre-emptive servicing, remote resolution and desk-side support will maximise your uptime and remove the demands on your in-house staff to support this technology. If an issue cannot be resolved online, our team of multi-vendor skilled service engineers will be on hand to deliver industry high response times either on-site or through remote repair.

Service Takeover services can improve your employee productivity and enhance your document efficiency

By combining and unifying your agreements into one managed service through Apogee’s Service Takeover and Refresh programme, clients are able to have peace of mind that their devices are solely under control and managed through one specialist vendor.

So, to learn how A-STAR can transform your organisations way of working, get in touch with one of our dedicated consultants today who will be able to guide you through the process.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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